New Vendor Support

MANA, the market sponsor, is a non-profit organization. All money we receive goes back into the market; this covers market permits, promotional materials, and events. Each year we send out a postcard mailing to all surrounding postal districts, run Facebook boosts for all vendors, run ads in local media as well as normal signage, like yard signs and a banner across Broad Street.

As a way to invest in the local agricultural and business community, depending on our resources, we also sponsor at least one new small business vendor or start-up farmer to come to the market; MANA assumes the fees.

Many people hoping a new business are surprised that they can’t just come to the market, set up a table and sell. There are also a certain number of important health and safety procedures.

  • New food vendors must have a licensed commercial kitchen to prepare their food. MANA is working with a local non-profit to provide this service.
  • All vendors must have liability insurance. We have a list of insurance agencies that have provided low-cost insurance to start-ups.

Feel free to contact us at to discuss your new projects. We’d like to help you make them happen.